Enzyme Carpet Shampoo Powder


Product Specifications
None added.
White powder.
@ use 9.0-10.0.
2-3 ounces in 2 gallon water.
Up to 2,000 sq. ft. per pound.
12/1 lb. or 4/5 lb. case.
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Enzyme Carpet Shampoo
For cleaning hard-to remove protein based soils in dining rooms, cafeterias, restaurants, and eating areas in home or office.

Use with rotary or dry foam carpet cleaning equipment.
Cleaning food stains and cooking grease out of carpet requires more specialized shampoos than do ordinary soils. The difficult protein bonds developed in food stains must be broken quickly in order to allow the shampoo action to efficiently remove them. Fabpro’s Enzyme Carpet Shampoo was specifically developed to attack protein bonds and quickly clean carpets soiled by food and cooking greases when using rotary extraction or foam carpet cleaning equipment.

100% active formulation of enzymes and shampoo.
Actually two cleaning products in one-enzymes and detergent. It digests dirt that ordinary shampoos won’t remove.

Contains special air fresheners to solve lingering food odor problems.
Grease and food stains in carpet can leave stubborn, lingering odors. The special air freshener in Enzyme Carpet Shampoo has been formulated and added to this product to solve odor problems, leaving the carpet and room with a pleasing, fresh aroma that says “properly cleaned”.

Formulated with a crisp, dry residue.
Fabpro’s Enzyme Carpet Shampoo is specially formulated so that any residue which may remain after cleaning dries crisp. The crisp residue will tie up any remaining soils, vacuum from the carpet fibers and not cause resoiling. Increases customer satisfaction and helps ensure repeat business.

Easy to use directions.
Mix 2-3 ounces (1-2 heaping measuring scoops) of Enzyme Carpet Shampoo in 2 gallons of warm water (not over 130°F). Clean in 3 foot squares when using a rotary carpet cleaning machine. When cleaning with a foam generating machine clean in a straight line overlapping each pass.

Helpful hints.
Check for color fastness. Vacuum carpet thorough before shampooing. Use a hand pile brush to set pile in one direction before carpet dries. For boosting cleaning efficiency, add 3 fluid ounces of Fabpro’s Traffic Lane Cleaner to each diluted gallon of shampoo.

Flash Point: Non-combustible.

Controlled pH for maximum cleaning efficiency: Enzyme Carpet Shampoo is formulated to provide you with a controlled pH of 9.0-10.0 for maximum enzyme and detergent activity.

Conveniently packaged.
Available in 12/1 lb. or 4/5 lb. case.