Encapsulating Carpet Shampoo


Product Specifications
Faint ammonia.
Clear light liquid.
@ use 9.0-9.5.
8 ounces to 1 gallon water.
200 sq. ft. per diluted gallon.
4/1 gallon case, 5 gallon container .
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Encapsulating Carpet Shampoo
A highly concentrated anti-soiling carpet shampoo developed for the professional
carpet cleaner. This unique shampoo is loaded with high foaming emulsifiers to loosen and remove the most stubborn soils. In addition this product encapsulates the fibers with a tough crisp coating which prevents soils for sticking and helps for easy
removal. It has a color safe buffered pH of 9-9.5. Does not contain optical brighteners
and safe on stain resistant carpet.

Easy to use directions:
For rotary or rotary extraction cleaning:
A. If high soil retardancy is desired: Mix 8 ounces of Fabpro Encapsulating Carpet Shampoo with each gallon of warm water. (16:1) dilution.
B. As an escapulent
Mix 6 ounces of Fabpro Encapsulating Carpet Shampoo with each gallon of water. (20:1) dilution.
For foam generating carpet cleaning machines:
Mix 10 ounces of Fabpro Encapsulating Carpet Shampoo with each gallon of warm water. (13:1) dilution.
For high productivity bonnet cleaning:
Mix 2 ounces of Fabpro Encapsulating Carpet Shampoo with each gallon of warm water. (64:1) dilution. Spray properly diluted Fabpro Encapsulating Carpet Shampoo on bonnet or pad for lubrication. Then spray in the path of bonnet cleaning equipment, while buffing the carpet. When bonnet / pad becomes soiled use reverse side. Allow carpet to dry before using.

Helpful Hints:

1. Thoroughly vacuum the entire carpet before cleaning.
2. Use a hand brush to clean corners and other areas which the machine cannot reach.
3. Clean carpet in 3 foot squares, if using rotary carpet cleaning machine. When cleaning with a foam-generating machine,
clean in straight line and overlap each pass.
4. Use a hand pile brush to set pile in one direction after cleaning and before fibers dry.
5. Use foil or plastic protectors under all furniture that will touch wet carpet.

Contains high-foaming emulsifiers.

Special soil ingredients added to help loosen and remove the most stubborn soils from the carpet fibers thus allowing easy removal during normal cleaning. The result is a cleaner looking carpet for longer periods of time.

Any shampoo reside dries crisp and completely.
Unlike “normal” carpet shampoos, Fabpro’s Encapsulating Carpet Shampoo is formulated so that any residue will dry crisp and complete-not remain tacky-for easy removal during normal vacuuming. Residues will not linger and cause resoiling. Carpet appearance remains high.

Carpets wear longer.
Because of the dry soil retarding capabilities found by using Encapsulating Carpet Shampoo, there is less carpet abrasion and wear giving extra life to the carpet.

Fabpro’s Encapsulating Carpet Shampoo is two shampoos in one.
The soil retardant components in Encapsulating Carpet Shampoo diluted 8 ounces to 128 ounces of water ( 16:1 dilution) increases the shampooing effectiveness of the detergent.

Flash point: Non-combustible.

Buffered pH for optimum cleaning efficiency: Encapsulating Carpet Shampoo retains maximum cleaning efficiency at “use” dilutions through the addition of formulated buffers. The optimum efficient pH of 9-9.5 is retained for safe, dependable cleaning

Conveniently packaged.
Available in 4/1 gallon case, or economical 5 gallon container.