Upholstery Protector Solvent Based


Product Specifications
Water white.
Not applicable.
Do not dilute.
1 quart will cover a 9 ft. sofa or 9 sq. yds.
12/1 quart case, 4/1 gallon case, and 5 gallon container.
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Upholstery Protector Solvent Based
Effective on all fabrics. Protects upholstery, draperies and clothing.Protects all new or freshly cleaned fibers and fabrics.
Fabpro’s Upholstery Protector Solvent Based protects virtually all new or freshly wet or dry cleaned fabrics including rayon, rayon acetate, brocades, cotton, Haitian or Tahitian cotton, velour, silk, suede and pigskin.

Specially formulated for oil and water-based soil and stain protection.
Upholstery Protector Solvent Based is specially formulated by Fabpro to possess the ability for providing maximum fabric protection against both water and oil based stains.

Will not cause resoiling or change the “Hand” of the fabric.
The exclusive blend of fluorochemical resins and solvents will not cause resoiling of fabric. The special formulation dries completely without changing the “hand” or feel of the fabric.

Labor saving-Time saving.
One application of Fabpro’s Upholstery Protector Solvent Based to upholstery, draperies or clothing makes spot and stain removal quick, easy and effective. The fast drying action of Fabpro’s Upholstery Protector Solvent Based can provide quick use of a fabric item (normally 15-30 minutes) with immediate water-based stain protection. Complete oil based stain protection results after 8-12 hour “curing”.

Economical to use.
When properly applied, one quart of Fabpro’s Upholstery Protector Solvent Based will protect a minimum of 9 square yards of fabric (Note: coverage depends on fabric density, etc.) and provide both oil and water stain repellancy.

Fabpro’s Upholstery Protector Solvent Based helpful application hints!
Test fabric for color fastness in an inconspicuous area.
During application, operator should wear a respirator. Keep application area well ventilated.
When treating furniture, place furniture on dropcloth. Avoid spraying non fabric areas. If sprayed inadvertently, wipe immediately.
During application, hold spray tip perpendicular to surface when spraying.
Apply “second coat” to fabric areas subject to heavy soiling such as cushions, arms, etc.
After application, allow furniture to dry before use.
Clean equipment after each with OMS. DO NOT USE WATER OR WATER BASED SOLVENTS.

Easy to use directions.
Do not dilute. Use Fabpro’s Upholstery Protector Solvent Based as it comes from the container. Apply Fabpro’s Upholstery Protector Solvent Based using a quality corrosion resistant spraying system outfitted with solvent resistant inner parts and a fan tip. Tip should be no smaller than 650067. Application should be evenly applied with a sweeping motion. Follow spray system manufacturer recommendations.

Conveniently packaged.
Available in 12/1 quart case and 4/1 gallon case, or economical 5 gallon container.